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Welcome to the Momentum Choreographers Showcase! This will be your roadmap as we venture into the minds of 6 rising choreographers in and throughout The Studio@620. Seating is limited and you will be walking to several locations throughout the evening.

The lineup



Choreographer: Fernando Chonqui in collaboration with dancers

Music: Albert Mathias “Now is the Time Remix” and Micahel Wall “3-60”

Text: Paulo Coelho “Alchemist”

Dancers: Kirsten Standridge, Heidi Brewer and Carissa Bishop

“To realize One’s Destiny is a Person’s Only Obligation.” --The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

“The Brain - Coordination… Balance…”

Location: 620 Sidewalk Entrance


Choreographer/Dancer: Luis Torres

Music: Kendrick Lamar “Lust,” Michael Gaichinno “Exodus Wounds,” and Angèle Dubeau “Mercy”

My work is a showing of my past in the dance life. What the industry has given me without asking for it. It’s how I chose to move forward with it.

Location: 620 Gallery Main

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Choreographer: Heidi Brewer

Videography: Rachel Lambright

Dancers: Carissa Bishop and Kirsten Standridge

Inspired by the drive thru structure adjacent to 620, I wanted to explore the monotony, energy and ceaseless nature of cycles--ranging from errands to the lunar calendar, menstruation to seasons.

Location: Drive Thru Parking Lot

Intermission (10 Minutes)


You have to make sense of it first

Choreographer/Videographer/Dancer: Rachel Lambright

Music: Bibio “CAPEL BETHANIA” and James Blake “Lullaby For My Insomniac”

This is a work of ongoing process. A work about yearning for transformation. A work about the inside of me.

You have to make sense of it first to get it outside of you.

Location: 620 Gallery Main

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it’s not unless it is

Choreographer/Videographer/Dancer: Carissa Bishop

Music: Meatloaf “Anything for Love”

This solo demonstrates a brief glimpse into the mind and inner process of the hypothetical creator while being tormented by the clichés and influences of their practice.

Location: Ellis Gallery


The Beast That Dwells

Choreographer: Dakota Kuharich

Music: Billie Eillish “Hostage” and Night Amore “Farewell Life (Arn Andersson Remix)

Dancers: Caleb Bearse, Angelina Graves, Brandon Rodriguez Benavides, Sam Tumicki

What is a Parasite? What is a Host? What is Human?

Location: 620 Gallery Main

Learn More ABout the Artist here


A Note from the Director

Why This?

This is a question that has been on my mind for while now. It comes up in most conversations. Why This? Why Dance? Why Now?

What’s at stake?

For me…Everything.

Creating Momentum was a need. It is need. I want to see artist thrive. Explore what moves them. Share their stories. I want to be a witness.

Over the past five months, I have been a witness. I have been in conversation with and have had the opportunity to see the inside of 6 incredible choreographers. I’m so thankful for this experience and so honored to be in their presence.

I invited you to be a witness. Let’s venture into the mind of these artists together. After the showcase, I offer this: get to know these people. Share your experience of this event with them. They are the future. Be a witness.

- Alex

Special Thanks

Andee Scott, Alyssa Hopkins, Denzel Johnson-Green, Sharon Ranieri McCaman, Susannah LeMarquand, Susan Taylor Lennon, Amanda Sieradzki, University of Tampa Dance Department, Sadie Lehmker, Marcus Wehby, Coralette Damme, Bob Devin Jones, The Studio@620, Patricia Page Parks, PCCA Gibbs High School, Michael Foley, Jeanne Travers, University of South Florida Dance Department, Helen French, St. Pete Dance Alliance, St. Pete Arts Alliance, The Catalyst, Bill DeYoung, Tino Prado, and Laura Ivelisse Rodriguez


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