An Open Journal Entry

I have been on a personal journey reading Attached. by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller (thank you for the recommendation and sharing your personal thoughts, Marissa Moses), and it has been an eye-opener in understanding myself. I really enjoy reading this book, though it’s taking me a while to get through it. There are three main attachment styles: anxious, avoidant, and secure, as well as a rare fourth attachment style: anxious-avoidant. I have come to realize that I have an anxious attachment style, and I am not at all surprised. Reading about how people with this attachment style may act has created valuable time rooted in self-reflection - I let fear rule how I think, how I act, and how I relate to and maintain relationships with others, romantic or not, and with a different attachment style or not.

Part of the reason I created atta-chm-en-t in the first place was because I knew it would be challenging to depict attachment and detachment with only me; having someone else in the space with me to help relay these feelings and experiences felt very literal and too easy. I also knew this process would require some hard looks inward, and though I avoided looking too far inward the first time around (and by “too far”, I really mean “not at all”), turning the attention to others and their personal experiences, it’s time for me to face myself. It’s a bit scary. It’s a bit exciting.

Right now it feels like my thoughts and research are spanning widely. I’m interested to see how it will distill, or even grow, throughout the next couple of months.

To the wonderful people in my life, thanks for hanging with me despite my anxious attachment style.

a look into my current thoughts...

Attachment; fastening, connection

Detachment; disengagement, disconnection, dissolution, disunion, abstraction, aloofness, coldness, remoteness, dreaminess

  • How many different forms can attachment and detachment take on?

  • Do we only become attached to people because of fear?

  • What makes one thing more valuable than another?

  • In what ways can I create an environment rather than perform a dance?

  • Honor the space between no longer and not yet.

An Intro

Hello everyone! Welcome to the platform I will be using to spill many thoughts, questions, and ideas into the universe. As part of my participation in the Momentum: Choreographic Mentorship, this blog will serve as an online journal and window into my mind as I move along this journey of creating a solo work.

If you don’t know me, my name is Rachel. I am a young, aspiring dance artist yearning to create, share, and exercise my voice. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2017 with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Psychology. I am currently performing with Sarasota Contemporary Dance, the most wonderful, welcoming, gracious community of artists to be a part of. I have a growing interest in dance film and am always curious about human relationships, interactions, and reactions. In my creative process, I value conversation very much; the thoughts and opinions of others are always welcome. If you feel led to share any connections to the ideas I am writing about, I would love to hear your words; you can send them over to

I’m not too sure in which direction I would like to take this work, but that’s what this journey is all about. I look forward to diving deeper into my thoughts and invite you along with me, in any capacity that may be.

A look into my current thoughts:

  • To create a solo around the ideas of attachment and/or detachment.

Background: I created and performed a work for Sarasota Contemporary Dance, entitled “atta-chm-en-t”, in December of 2018 as part of “Voices of SCD”. This mainstage show, dedicated to showcasing rising choreographers, was a privilege to be a part of and started an itch for creating more. “atta-chm-en-t” was a solo exploring the physicalization of attachment and detachment along with the shifts, changes, and transitions that occur in between. My new, in process work is something, I believe, to be an extension of “atta-chm-en-t”. A part 2, perhaps?

  • Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.